Black Sheep

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Written By: Michelle & Rick Terletzky

Four Week Devotional

We tend to look at the stereotype of the label known as the “black sheep” as the stubborn mischievous rebel. Bound for disaster. But a better way to understand the idiom is for its basic observation, as one who stands out from the flock. This definition does not necessarily have to constitute a negative impression. In terms of the recessive gene in sheep, I can’t speak to that. I’m not a scientist. But from my experience, conformity is not always the answer. And when following Christ, who we should strive to reflect, we are not going to look like the world around us. And our wool will stick out just as that of a black sheep in the flock.

For anyone who reads this book our hope is that Christ may deepen their faith through the daily action of being in Scripture. This book is an encouragement towards studying and understanding God’s Word in a transformative way that impacts their faith and life choices.

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